Specialist Referral Guidelines
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Specialist Referral Guidelines


Specialist Referral Guidelines


  1. The physician or P.A. may refer you to a specialist
  2. If you are instructed to make your own appointment, please keep in mind that we need time to obtain authorization for your insurance company for your specialist visit. Therefore please allow a minimum of a week from the date you call until the actual date of the appointment. 
  3. After you make your appointment you must call Lautrice, our Referral Coordinator at 407.992.7745, and leave the following detailed message:
    1. Specialist's name
    2. Date and time of your appointment
    3. Your name
    4. Your date of birth
    5. Your insurance company ID# (usually the social security number of the insured).
  4. Lautrice will obtain the authorization for your visit and notify the specialist office.
  5. Lautrice will notify you that the authorization has been done.
  1. Lautrice needs 1 week to complete the authorization process. Therefore, make sure you allow that much time when you schedule your appointment.
  2. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will need to reschedule your appointment until the authorization process is completed, or you will be responsible for payment for the specialist visit.

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