Obagi Medical Skincare
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Obagi Medical Skincare

Obagi Medical Skincare


We now offer Obagi Medical Skincare including:
                     * Nu-Derm / Condition and Enhance- * Corrects hyperpigmentation, skintone, fine lines, and wrinkles
                                                                                         * Transform quality of skin by lightening, tightening, firming, and turning skin cells over
                                                                                         * Promotes and maintains the overall health of your skin
                                                                                         * Uses Tretinoin and Hydroquinone 4% 
                     * Professional-C Serum- a complete line of maximum vitamin c antioxidant production
                                                                             * Provides pontent antioxidant protection against environmental stressors
                                                                             * Reduces inflammation
                                                                             * Promotes cellular regeneration
                                                                             * Stimulates collagen synthesis
                                                                             * Suppresses melanin formation                                                                                                          
                     * Obagi-C Rx- for young skin that exhibits signs of:
                                                                             * Minimum fine lines
                                                                             * Minimum unevenness of skintone
                                                                             * Mild to moderate hyperpigmentation
                                                                             * Desire physician recommended skincare
                     * Decolletage System (aimed at chest and neck area)- skin lightening complex using 4% Hydroquinone and Wrinkle reducing lotion
                     * ElASTIderm- Wrinkle reduction eye cream
                     * CLENZIderm M.D.-Targets acne in adults and adolescents 
                     * Rosaclear- Targets rosacea
For any questions you can visit the website at www.obagi.com or contact Eva Lester CME at elester@familymc.com


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