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Main Phone: 407.843.1620
Main Fax: 407.843.5243

Patient Portal Access

Please call our main number above or you can also e-mail to request an appointment or ask any questions.

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Phones - How to Get What You Need

How the System Works

When you call our office you will hear the "Auto Attendant" Message which will give you the following choices about how to direct your call:



Message for Nurse and/or appointments




Insurance and Billing


Medical Records


Fax number and mailing address





What Happens When You Leave a Message?

Leaving a message with the receptionist:
Messages taken by the receptionist are answered twice per day.The nurses and doctors review morning messages before lunch, and afternoon messages before 5:00 pm. Therefore, if you call in the morning it is likely that a call back to you will be around lunch time, or if you leave a message after 12:00, you may expect a call back after 5:00 pm. If the nature of your message is urgent, please advise the receptionist so she can let the nurse know the urgency of your call.

Leaving a message on voice mail:
If you leave a voice mail message, your call will be returned as soon as possible. We make every effort to return calls within 24 hours.


Please call your pharmacy for any prescription refill requests or log into  our Patient Portal to request your refill !!!!

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2863 S. Delaney Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806
Tel: 407.843.1620 • Fax: 407.843.5243

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